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About Us

The Research Centre for Carbon Solutions(RCCS) is an interdisciplinary world leading engineering centre, inspiring and delivering innovation for the wider deployment of technologies needed to meet necessary carbon targets. The centre was formerly known as Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage(CICCS) and rebranded in April 2017 due to a growth of the centre's research porfortlio and to reflect more closely the breadth of our research activities in the whole CCUS chain, clean energy and sustainability.

Launched by Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer (FRSE, FIChemE, FRSC, FRSA) in 2008 with funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Centre has grown to encompass 40 members of staff and students, having over 400 publications on carbon mitigation. The Centre has attracted more than £22m of funding since its establishment.

"We are working on creating a technology that will turn this into a genuine game-changer, turning a climate-changing gas into a climate-saving fuel. We will have the input of leading industry players throughout this research, ensuring that the technology we develop can be used with existing infrastructure."
--- Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer

Key Facts

18 Staff

We have 1 professor, 4 assistant/associate professors, 1 visiting professor, 1 lab manager, 1 research fellow and 10 PDRAs.

17 PhD

We have more than 17 highly qualified students undertaking our PhD programmes at RCCS.

£17M Fundings

The Centre has more than £17m active projects covering the whole CCS chain.

400 Publications

We have published more than 400 peer-review papers presenting our research outputs in high-profile journals.

14 Projects

We have 14 research projects at RCCS. We collaborate with our academic and industry partners in some projects.

10 Laboratories

The centre has 10 extensive state-of-the-art laboratory facilities covering the whole CCS chain, including equipment for capture, transport, utilisation, and storage.

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