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An interdisciplinary, innovative, and international leading centre for research at the interface between science and engineering.

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Research is cross-disciplinary bringing together engineers, mathematicians, bio-scientists, geographers and geologists. The Centre collaborates and is supported by industries, international energy policy advisors, government organisations, regional development agencies, national and international universities and research centres.



News & events

  • Special Doctoral Award
  • Funmi and Elizabeth attended the ICCDU
  • Elizabeth Bay participated in Employement event
  • PhD student visited Zhejiang University
  • CO2TRIP Project
  • Heriot-Watt University holds 1st CEC
  • Dr Sanna attended ACEME 2015
  • Dr Qi Liu presents at TCCS-8
  • Prof Maroto-valer gives talk at prestigi LIYSF
  • IMPEE researcher awarded by Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer interviewed by the Observer
  • A delegation from Zhejiang University China visited the CICCS
  • Scottish Energy News Researcher of the Year Awards 
  • EUBCE Report
  • CO2 Conversion to Liquid Fuel
  • Dr Patricia Cordoba attending the 6th World of Coal Ash conference
  • Minister Counsellor Jin Xu visits Heriot-Watt
  • Michael Ogidi attending Hazards 25 conference
  • 5 months Research Internship from France
  • Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer Made Fellow Of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • Elizabeth Bay presenting at the 3rd UK Solar Fuels Network Symposium
  • The CICCS team attending GHGT-12
  • Luc Steel: 'Most Outstanding Student Award at International Summer School'
  • CICCS at the 2nd International Sulcis CCS Summer School
  • Dr Aimaro Sanna: Part of the Crucible Delegation at ESOF14
  • Live CCUS technologies display
  • Heriot-Watt in Carbon Capture and Storage Funding Announcement
  • Dr. Yolanda Fernandez-Diez presenting at the Edinburgh Science Festival
  • Highlights from STFC Public Engagement Symposium
  • EPSRC Challenging Engineering Fellowship on photo-catalytic CO2 reduction
  • FameLab heats CICCS!
  • £1,5m for research collaboration
  • Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer has given lectures on CCS in Hong Kong and Beijing
  • Nuffield Placement at CICCS
  • CICCS at the BGS Open Day
  • BBC Arabic filming CICCS
  • CCS Explained
  • ICCDU Washington
  • Poster competition
  • New CICCS labs
  • Full chain CCS centre
  • IChemE prize winner
  • Big Bang in Glasgow
  • The Chancellor, Dr. Buchan attending the inauguration of the CICCS labs
  • The new labs of the CICCS officially opened
  • Prestigious EPSRC award to Prof. Maroto-Valer
  • CICCS Outreach activity
  • EPSRC Grant awarded
  • A new member of the team: Dr. Chih-Wei Lin joins CICCS
  • Solar Fuels and Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Fuel media coverage
  • £ 1.2 milion EPSRC Grant for a novel photo-catalytic reactor
  • James Watt Scholarship funded PhD in Chemical Engineering (JWS2013/19)
  • Newsletters